Everybody’s Darling Chocolate Tarte

Next time you wish to bring cake to a birthday party or a family gathering, save yourself some pain. Skip the cream or cream cheese frosting that gets smeared all over the inside of your transport container and that you need to fix up when you arrive at the actual event (preventing you from saying hi to all these wonderful people). Skip the painstakingly hand-made fondant, which is lovely for transporting, but hell to create. Sticky mess up your microwave hell. Skip spending hours and hours in the kitchen to create a multi-layered monster of a cake which turns out lovely and impressive, but ends up preventing you from having time to also shave your legs and wearing your favourite dress to the party. And skip having to take a big batch of cake back home, because it was delicious, but so deceptively plain-looking that perhaps many people didn’t even try it (they were, instead, lured in by store-bought cakes that look cool but taste like sugared cardboard; these guys clearly need to be saved from themselves).

What if, instead of trying to pick the least of these various evils, you could bake a cake that you can put together in an hour, but turns heads from the moment you carry it into the room and earns you dozens of compliments about how delicious it was as people say goodbye in the evening? Well, this is that cake. Continue reading

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Hello my dears,
a quick update: late as I usually am, I have recently discovered the joys of owning a fancy mobile phone. (Yes, I feel like my own grandma.) I’m on Instagram now, and you can witness the food-books-cute animals-pretty landscapes and flowers-madness by following allthingsfar, if you wish.

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Creamy filled omelette

This is seriously tasty. The creamy egg complements the spicy salami and earthy taste of canned red bell-pepper, some fresh herbs take it all over the top.

But, while it feels indulgent, it’s also ever so light. It’s the perfect after-exercise snack or dinner after too many sweets, with lots of protein and few carbs. Still, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing a thing – on the contrary, this omelette is such a treat.

Also, like all of my favourite dinners, this one is easily modified to accomodate a mostly empty fridge and make do with whatever basic staples you have at hand. You don’t need to go shopping before you can get this dish on the table, you don’t  need to break out your scales or measuring cups, and the preparation time is all of 10 minutes. You could easily make it vegetarian by swapping the meat in the filling for some tofu or feta. And did I mention it’s ever so good?

Go ahead, make one now. Eat healthy, feel decadent.
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Pink and White Marshmallow-Frosted Layer Cake

I made this cake for my dear grandaunt Ria‘s 90th birthday. It’s impressive, and a bit of a diva. The cake.

Also, without any kind of connection other than that this blog sometimes — rarely, as of late — features delicious books: at the time I made this cake, I was re-reading The God of Small Things for a term paper. I recommend it. It’ll take some warming up to, at first, but turns out to be a very good thing indeed.

Which kind of brings us back to the cake. It, too, is not exactly love-at-first-baking. There will be bumps in the road. If I may take a little trip to my geeky and not-that-long-ago childhood: This cake is like Charizard.

See? Looks a LOT like a firebreathing dragon.

It won’t like you at first. It will fight back against your attempts to tame it, shape it, and pretty it up. It may try to set fire to your kitchen (or, you know, cover it in extremely sticky marshmallow fluff). But if you soldier on, undaunted, then at some point, you will earn its respect.
And it’ll kick ass for you.

One technical thing you should know before you consider making this cake: In theory, it is possible to melt marshmallows using a bain marie, but it tends to not work out so well. Using the microwave is really much, much easier. The marshmallows expand in there, though… so use a big bowl. If you don’t, you’ll end up like me — standing on a chair in high heels, a pretty dress and a dirty apron, running late for a party, scraping the White Glue of Hell off the inside of your treacherous microwave before the stuff has a chance to cool and become the White Cement of Hell.

Ahem. Anyway. Consider that most marshmallows and some jellies contain gelatin, so if you’re planning to serve vegetarians, make sure you buy veggie marshmallows and jelly.
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Chocolate, Peanutbutter, Cornflakes & Pretzel Cake

You know, quite honestly? I can’t stand the cold anymore. It’s February. Nobody wants any more snow, do you? I don’t. Or cold wind. Or fingernails turned blue without polish. Nope. What I am in the mood for is beautiful spring days, with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. But while I cannot have those, I can console myself with one thing: winter is the perfect time for making any and all sweets involving chocolate. And eating little salted pretzels dipped in Spundekäs (I really need to post a recipe for Spundekäs) with friends over board games. And having some serious breakfast before you head out into the cold morning; breakfast that might include a bowl of Cornflakes and a peanutbutter sandwich, because bikini-season is still ages away.

So, let’s roll all the winter goodness into one amazing, sweet, no-bake cake, shall we?
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Sly Cat’s Breakfast

Can you keep a secret?
Sometimes, I start the day with alcohol. Not in a “hair of the dog that bit you”-kind of way. Not in a “Life is horrible, better start drinking at once”-kind of way, either. Nope. In a slightly embarassed, yet involuntairily drawn in “This is delicious” way. In a “This is a legitimate breakfast beverage, no really, it is, stop judging me!”-kind of way. You’ll see.

~ The Sly Cat’s Breakfast ~
serves 1

1 cup of milk. A real, acutal drinking-cup. 200 ml or so.
1 ml (scant ¼ tsp) of rum
½ tsp vanilla essence
2 level tsp honey or sugar*

Heat milk. Add the rest. Stir. Enjoy a slight whiff of something stiff while looking like the most innocent milk-drinker in the world.


* (Which makes a huge difference in taste. Pick whichever one you like better.)

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A Snowy Tea Party

PhotobucketHello, dears. It’s been a while.
You know how it goes — life, people, exams, yadda-yadda, I won’t bore you with it. But, in any event, it’s been such a long while that we must urgently catch up on a number of delicious commestibles that were spawned in the mysterious, noisy, sugar-dust-covered laboratory I call my kitchen. Interesting things happened: a big, marshmallow-frosted, pink-and-white layer cake; I learned how to make layer cakes that are not immediately crushed by their own weight in the first place; mouth-watering cheesecake variations; a peanutbutter-chocolate-pretzel-cake-ish thing; and, most importantly, a tea party! We should definitely start with the tea party.
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